Put FH on my hive now or not?

I live in Georgia. I am a new beekeeper in GA, USA. I have a grand total of 3 months experience. I cannot mention my “Flow frames” to my mentors because that poo poo it. I have two hives. One will be traditional - on will have my Flow frame super. I think I missed much of the honey flow as my new hives were establishing themselves.

I have harvested a number of quarts of amazing honey already from burr comb on my feeder and top cover already. My girls are FANTASTIC. One hive will get a medium honey super. I’m wondering if I should even bother with my Flow hive now for this season? If I put it on now and they don’t fully cap it. Will it be an issue wintering? Should I take it back off?

Both hives have two deep 10 frames that are raging.

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Just a thot ! If the honey super is full ( you running two deep system) if so I’d toss it on. Still guessing plenty of time for something. You have to have something else like weeds blooming during the summer, right ? If you don’t want to put the FLOW on add a shallow hive super. What ya got to loss. Even drawn comb is a future resource.

Not sure if I’m much help but that’s my 2 bits worth ! :grinning:.

I reckon Gerald is spot on, and to add to that, if you’re brood boxes are ‘raging’ and filled to the brim with drawn comb and bees and a honey flow is still on then either replace the medium with a Flow Super or under super it. Another question, are you still feeding? Hopefully not.