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Put on a Pollen Trap today, Spring Flowers coming on well

Spring Video, Pollen Trap, Spring flowers


Great job Valli! Keep them coming.

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The Girls are going great guns today. Currently Flowering in my garden

Daisy’s in the Lawn


Forget-me-nots These can be Blue and Pink on the same plant


Grape Hyacinth


Viburnum Burkwoodii - one of my Favourites - Smell so pretty

Ladybirds were out - saw several earlier


Last of the Camelia’s

White Bluebells - I have more each year - I spread the seeds


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Hi Valli, I’m super curious about the pollen trap. I am considering using one with my flow hive. How did it go? Lots of pollen? Any legs as well? I don’t wish to hurt the bees… Have you tried it with a flowhive at all?
Thanks, Nicole