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Put on a Pollen Trap today, Spring Flowers coming on well


Spring Video, Pollen Trap, Spring flowers


Great job Valli! Keep them coming.


The Girls are going great guns today. Currently Flowering in my garden

Daisy’s in the Lawn


Forget-me-nots These can be Blue and Pink on the same plant


Grape Hyacinth


Viburnum Burkwoodii - one of my Favourites - Smell so pretty

Ladybirds were out - saw several earlier


Last of the Camelia’s

White Bluebells - I have more each year - I spread the seeds



Hi Valli, I’m super curious about the pollen trap. I am considering using one with my flow hive. How did it go? Lots of pollen? Any legs as well? I don’t wish to hurt the bees… Have you tried it with a flowhive at all?
Thanks, Nicole