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Putting regular frames where flow frames were

Hi there
I’m new to bee keeping. Have a Hybrid and all going well. 2 full healthy brood boxes and super box on top. Have harvested 2 of my 3 flow frames already and 3rd is also ready. Live in Crafers South Aust and winters are cold and wet! Qu is this, can I put regular frames where the flow frames are so they can draw them out ready for them for winter? Concerned about what will happen with too much “bee space”. Does anyone do this?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Welcome to the Flow forum!

You can switch out the Flow frames, but most people in the colder parts of Australia put on either a second deep (which it looks like you have) or a WSP for the bees to use over winter. The Flow super is then taken off and stored until spring. You shouldn’t need more than 2 deeps, unless your winter is very long. :blush: