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Queen bee flew off from the hive

Hi everyone… I am new to bee keeping. Today I was checking on one of my haive. Then queen fall off … so I was trying to pick her up and put her back to haive… she jut flew a way from the haive …
So I am not sure what to do now… is any thoughts and advice please… ?

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Well there’s a chance that if she laid eggs prior to her departure than the bees will make a new queen. You can also order a queen depending where you live and what season your in to replace the one you lost. There’s not enough details in your post in regards to the season your in etc.

Hey @rua_Na maybe you have a virgin queen who needs to fly out each day for mating flights. Tell us more about the colony and how it started? Do you know if the queen was mated already, and if so, that the queen you saw is the same or perhaps a supercedure queen (which would be a virgin)?

Also, are you totally sure it was a queen honey bee you saw…some new beekeepers have been known to mistake a drone for a queen, or even a totally different species like a wasp…

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Oh dear, when you are checking on brood frames always have it over the brood box so that if she falls off she will fall into the brood box.
If it was the queen and not a drone that flew off then she has gone. The colony will produce a new queen and should be laying eggs in about 4 weeks so it isn’t the ‘end of the world’. Sometimes a virgin queen on her mating flight can become food for a bird and if that happen then the easy option is to buy a queen if that happens and introduce her into the hive. There are queen breeders in the Byron area.

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This happened to me the other week. The hive swarmed, they created a new queen, I was inspecting to make sure all was going well, found the new queen, put her in a queen clip to prepare to mark her when she walked out of the clip (I figured she must be a virgin as she was small) and flew off. I’d hoped she was just off on her mating flight but checked a week later and and multiple new capped queen cells were present. Which confused me, as maybe she wasn’t a virgin but the timeline was tight?
Anyway, I’m off to check them again today as I’m hoping to be queenright by now.

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I was transferring a hive from a nuc to a larger box the other day when I suddenly saw the bees begin to ball and attack the queen on the top bars. luckily I had a queen cage handy- I was able to trap her. Two bees were caught in the cage with her and one was clearly trying to sting the queen. I was able to remove them. I wasn’t sure what to do… i asked around and was advised to wait an hour and then spray the bees with water with a teaspoon of imitation vanilla essence in it. I did that and was happy to see the bees accept the queen and she ran back down into the hive. The vanilla essence is sweet and the bees enjoy it- it masks anger smells apparently. The beekeeper who suggested it to me does this trick when she introduces new queens into aggressive colonies after killing the mean queen. She also told me that if the bees had managed to sting the queen she would have died within just a few minutes. As she was OK after an hour they obviously hadn’t managed to get her- though they were definitely trying to.

I spoke to Jeff about it and apparently it is a phenomenon he has observed several times- during an inspection the bees suddenly decide to ball and kill the queen for some unknown reason. This could explain why hives sometimes go queenless after an inspection, and why a queen might try and fly away-if she is being attacked. Odd.


Hi Peter…
I am 100% Sure it was the queen…
Also she was mate and she was laying for more than week…

Hi. I was doing regular check on one of my haive… I picked up the frame queen was laying. She was so shy… she ran a round the frame and fall off. As triad to put have back haive… she flew off…

Hi. I split the haive about mouth a go. She was mate and she was laying already . As I doing a regular check on the haive… she fall off from the frame… I picked her up to put back to haive then she flew a way…

Sorry she flew away @rua_Na that’s too bad! I just learned a lot from @Semaphore’s post…the good news is that is she was laying then your bees can make a new queen :slight_smile:

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So as she was laying eggs the colony will make another queen from them with no need for you to buy another queen and introduce her to the hive. :grinning:

Thanks Peter it’s helps a lot

Oh ok. I am very entrusted to know what’s happening… please let me know…

Yeah that’s entrusting.