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Queen cell success πŸ‘‘

On April 20th I bought four nice frames chock-full of brood and bees from a local beek, to help fluff out my tiny survivor hive. When I checked on these hardies I saw no eggs or young brood and a dwindling patch of capped brood on two frames. The queen was fat, slow and clearly faltering - ending up sitting flatly on the top bar of a frame, surrounded by attendants who looked as if they were trying to slap her awake. I guillottined her with my hive tool, and was so glad I had new eggs and larvae to introduce right away!

Since the new frames were so full and the beek gave me more than I asked for, I decided to put two in that hive and start another one on the other side of my yard. The weather today is cloudy, but about 68F and no wind, thank goodness, so I had a chance to check on their progress just now.

I counted 6 capped queen cells plus 2 charged cups in one, and 4 capped queen cells in the other :sweat_smile::+1:

This makes the 8th day since the earliest time they’d have started these, so in about another 8 I should have emerging queens!

Here’s a good read for this situation:



Congrats ! Glad you could fortify one colony n get another on the road. I’m trying to equal out my resources up here in Western Washington state too.

I’ve done a full inspection on wintered over 3 colonies n installed four more new Nuc’s. I’d like to do more fattening up of one colony but need to wait for one of the healthier one to have excess.

Good luck :+1:,

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Love your plastic nucleus box, Jerry. Where did you get it?

Man lake bees sells them. Amazon too

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Thanks @Martha! At only $15 each, I think I will grab some of those. Brilliant idea, and much more robust than coreflute or cardboard boxes!

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Transportable is another bonus to the nuk


I got my Nuc’s from a local Bee Suppy outfit here. The Nucs came up from Northern Cali but not a clue the bee supplier … Sorry. I got two. Gave one plastic Nuc away to another beginner beekeeper.

The boxes are nice n I’m going to carry it in my truck with swarm supplies.

Cheers :clinking_glasses:,