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Queen laying in the Super

First time user of the Flow Hive. Installed with Queen Excluder this Spring. Checked Super today to see in inner frames were capped to find eggs and larve in the Super.
How does this happen?
Checked brood boxes below and they have eggs and larve as you would expect. How did the Queen get to the Super?? How do I fix this mess.
Been beekeeping for 40 years with traditional hives never encountered this before.
If I had you could just move these frames to the brood boxes and replace with new ones. This is not the same due to the design of the Plastic Supers with special extraction design.
I just don’t see how the Queen can get above the excluder. Is it possible that another queen entered the hive from above??? confused.
Thanks for any thoughts and suggestions.

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Hi Hank, sorry to hear you’re in a pickle but welcome to the forum just the same! I’ve heard of this happening but only when people leave the QX off…have you had a chance to check yours for any missing segments? The other possibility is laying workers…I found a thread with more detail about this, hopefully you’ll find more direct advice:

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Hi Hank, welcome to the forum and sorry to read you have the issue. But, hey, your not the first.
The most likely explanation, especially if you have the plastic QX supplied with the Flow Hive is that there is either a piece missing or broken in it. I’m not knocking the plastic QX that Flow sell, they are no better or worse than any other plastic QX.
I’m not a lover of the plastic QX and won’t use them having seen to many instances like your having. The fix is easy, fit a metal QX. The worker bees as they emerge will pass thru it, drones can’t and will get caught trying to get thru and die. You can save a few by lifting the roof for them to fly out of the super. Plastic QX’s become brittle after a year or two.
Your idea of a ‘foreign’ queen getting into the hive and up to the super is a ‘bridge too far’, the colony wouldn’t allow that to happen but even if they did the QX would have to be faulty.
Cheers Hank

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Is your queen new? She could just be small and getting through or you have laying workers.

If it’s the Queen laying then you excluder is allowing her through. Fix that, let the brood develop and the bees should clean it out and use for stores.

My buckfast Queens are huge and not something I’ve experienced so not much else I can chip in. Worse case, pressure hose out the eggs, larvae.

Hope you get it sorted.