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Question about feeding in brood box then adding flow


Hi, I fed my brood box sugar syrup over winter, added the flow mid spring, it is filling up… my question is; will the bees transfer sugar syrup from the bottom brood boxes up into the flow? Will this effect the quality of honey that I attempt to Tap soon??


If you fed your bees over winter and then stopped, that food source would have been consumed during the spring build-up. If it is filling up now then that will be nectar coming in so nothing to worry about.


If there are spare stores in the brood box yes they will. I added dye to my syrup one year and sure enough it was in the supers.


Great experiment:

I remember when no one believed me lol…


The bees are constantly moving their stores around, so easy to see this happen with the Flowhive.


Yes. You can try this when there isn’t a massive flow on. Ie when there isn’t much income. Move full or fullish frames to the outside of the box and replace with empty ones.


Yes I have not fed since the start of spring., looking in the observation window the liquid looks clear, so I was thinking this is sugar syrup.


I know that you should not fed sugar syrup through the top of the flow super… but it could be possible that I have over fed the brood prior to spring and now they are relocating it? I do have 2 brood boxes underneath, guess the worst case is the first harvest might be a waste.


Just eat it. The next lot will taste that much better