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Remove Flow Super now? Central Texas, USA


We seem to be in the mid July Dearth here in Central Texas. I have harvested 30 pounds of honey. It should have been more but my hives had to re-bound from a re-queening fiasco that allowed populations to dwindle right before the main flow here.

I have Broodminder temperature, humidity, and weight sensors on my hives. Their weight is decreasing daily telling me there is no pollen-nectar coming in. During the flow they were increasing a couple pounds a day.

So should I remove the flow super during this dearth and put back on when Golden Rod blooms in August? We are already seeing Golden Rod on our property growing. Or leave on and let them manage the flow super? Lots of bees are in the supers, populations are very strong.


I think you answered your own question. :blush: If you have lots of bees in the hive, leave the supers on. You probably already know about goldenrod, but once the frames are capped, I would harvest ASAP as it tends to crystallize very fast.


Thanks Dawn. No, I did not know that about Golden Rod.