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Removing super with uncapped honey

I have most frames in one of my supers filled with nectar, and almost no capping. It is unlikely that those frames will be filled an capped before I have to remove the super for winter. I wouldn’t want that nectar to go to waste, but if I remove it as is, it will go bad. So I would like to give it to the bees for their winter supplies.

I have 10 and 12 frame Dadant hives with 3/4 supers, see my other posts for more detail on my setup.

My current plan is to use a separator between the frames which allows the bees to pass on the other side, and put frames one by one after removing the super outside the separator, so they would move the honey/nectar to the other frames in the brood box.

Is there a better approach?

Hiya Lori, yes, the nectar will go off. From what I’ve gleaned on this and other forums you can freeze the frames or, put the supers 20 metres away and let the bees rob it or, put a crown board on with the super above and let the colony rob it that way.

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Since I have more than one hive, I’m a bit wary of letting the bees rob the honey, I’ve been advised against it in the past, since the bees may start robbing each other’s hives.

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yeah I hear what you’re saying, I guess the theory is that a distance from the colony isn’t causing a robbing issue. I’ve just been looking for where I saw the post about placing the super above the crown board but can’t find it however the jist was that the colony saw it as being outside the hive so robbed it, basically slyly feeding back to them. Personally I’ve not tried this so am only going by what I’ve read… I’m sure if I’ve got the facts wrong someone will politely correct me. :wink:

I didn’t know exacly what you meant by the crown board method, now I understand it. It is basically a much more efficient way to do exactly what I wanted with the separation board. It’s a very good idea, thanks!

I was more worried about leaving the frames or super uncovered outside somewhere, where all colonies can get access to it.

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Yeah I’ve not heard of it being a separator board. A feeder board and crown board is what ive heard it called but a separation board is quite apt.
Which ever way you choose to use , please keep us informed as to how it goes.
I believe the thread was that they put their stickies above the board to clean them up…

Using a crown board didn’t work for me, so I ended up distributing the frames among all my hives.