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Replace a super with comb with the flow super?

Hello all. Deep brood box with a conventional shallow super on top. On inspection we found a healthy brood box. The super was fully built out with wax but no honey. Early in the season here. So. Rather than wait for the bees to full the super with honey so we can put on the flow super could we take the super that is waxed out off and put the flow super on in its place? Then when we harvest the flow put the waxed out super back on for the bees to fill for the winter? What do you think?

Do you need that super to over winter them? If so, I would let them fill it first then take what they can spare from the Flow super. No good getting a “harvest” if it weakens your hive, especially if its the first year for the hive.


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I would add the second deep brood box so they have a good chance of wintering.

I second what @Red_Hot_Chilipepper said. Second deep brood box for sure. Double the workforce to get more honey later. It’s pretty standard up here in Alaska.

Great input from all. Thanks!! That leads me to another question. Many here in Texas utilize a second deep brood box. When you add another brood box you provide the opportunity to grow the hive with many more bees. At the same time wouldnt that also increase the number of bees that need support and honey for the winter. Dont you solve one problem and create another? Your thoughts??

It depends on the breed of bees you have. Italians winter a much larger hive than the carniolans and buckfasts so they would require a larger store of honey and or feed. From what i understand Carniolan queens stop laying as winter approaches so she has a smaller colony to support over winter and needs less stores. With the two deeps you will have more storage and if you select the right breed less bees so overwintering will be more successful.

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I like huge populations in winter. Many can keep the queen warmer than a few. I’m beginning to doubt if the queen ever stops laying in these big hives because come February there is allot of bees.
I didn’t have to feed any of my triple deep hives this winter or last. Last winter was brutal, this winter was mild with a cold start to Spring.

February 8, 2015

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That makes so much sense. Thanks so much!!