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Replacing frames infected with chalk brood

I am new to beekeeping and 8 weeks ago got my first nuc. About one month in there were clear signs of chalk brood disease on the 4 frames that came with the nuc and no action on the 4 new frames I added to the brood box. Today I checked hive and the bees are very active on the new frames, they look much healthier than the 4 older frames with little sign of the disease whereas the older frames have lots of evidence of chalk brood. Should I replace the diseased frames with new ones as a strategy for eradicating the chalk brood? Thank you

Yes. Work them out of the box or if the colony is strong enough just shake the bees off and sacrifice the brood

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Thanks Dee for giving me the confidence to try that solution. Appreciated . Moira

I noticed on one of Valli’s videos that an inspector wouldn’t be seriously worried about chalk brood unless it affected half the brood. I had some frames that bad last year. I did as you said, I cut the brood out.

Great thanks for taking the time jeff- I will try this. Cheers Moira

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I didn’t see that one. I would do something about it well before half the brood was affected. It’s peculiar an inspector suggesting that. It might mean that a beginner would see some affected cells and do nothing

Me too! I start getting worried at around 10% (eyeball estimate, of course). :sweat: