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Ripe Honey? How do you know?


The most frequent question I get from traditionals is this. "How do you know the honey is ripe for harvest. How do you know when you have 90% of your honey capped.? That is a good question and one I present to you experts. Reality is the flow hive window only shows the side of one flow frame. From the front you can see the ends of the frames but not the rest of the frame. So, how do flow hive folks know when it is time to harvest? Thanks!! Dale


I’m having feelings of deja vu. I thought this subject was covered a few hours ago. I think I’m having a seniors moment.


Not this time, @JeffH. Just @daleknott had a brainf@rt and posted the same question twice… :smile:


Wow, that’s good to know Dawn:)


Well you know beekeepers…ask a question and get 10 different answers…he is testing us!


Hi HHH, I agree, I never heard that saying until I joined this forum, someone at home here used a similar saying recently, the lady was talking about 3 beekeepers. I said well, in defense of those 3 beekeepers, every one is only saying what their experiences are. Unless it’s a beekeeper with a lot of book knowledge & little practical experience. I didn’t say the last sentence.

It’s a local lady with a flow hive chasing a colony of bees. It took her a while to tell me she had a flow hive. She was kind of scared to tell me she had one. I was able to put her mind at ease.

A bloke who got a queenless nuk from me a few months ago rang me yesterday. He has 6 flow frames now. He’s going to use them like regular frames & not bother with altering the box. He intends to take the honey out on a bench inside I guess.

I guess that way he could sit it in a type of jig over a tray & collect any honey that leaks out of the bottom of the frame.

One thing is for sure, at least he’ll know if the honey is ripe or not.