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Samos Greece Beekeepers?

Samos -Greece
Hoping to connect with any locals who would enjoy talking anything bees, flow and hybrid.
I have just returned from an Australian holiday where I did a very good UWA course and visited some great locals with hives gaining insight.
I’d love to meet up with anyone here on the island to chat about their bee journey and maybe start a Samos beekeepers group.
We have properties around Koumeika and am interested in getting a nuc and other local supplies.

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I have decided to move to Greece to be a part of your group. :joy: it will tough but I will adjust

Wow, Im honoured :slight_smile: its a very select group of 1 at the moment. Where abouts are you?

Commonwealth of Kentucky in the USA. We call it the midwest here but oddly enough it is more on the eastern part of the country. I am a first time beekeeper with one hive