Saving brood frames that have merged?

I am quite new to bee keeping and have just started a colony in the brood box of my flow frame. Due to handling/transport, etc, 2 of the frames have been worked by the bees (slumping of comb) such that if I try to separate them (for my convenience) I’m going to ruin a lot of their work. As the colony is still small, I don’t want to set them back. It’s not difficult to work the 2 frames as 1 for the time being.

Does it make sense to let them continue to fill the frames and then when it appears that the it’s fairly full of brood, transfer the 2 frames into the Super (with queen excluder in), let them hatch and then clean up the frames for later use?

Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!

Hi Ed, what you’re proposing is standard practice, I think, when all the frames are kept the same, as in full depth. The only thing I would add would be to use properly fitted wax foundation in the frames next time. Also when putting the brood filled frames above a QE, ether break the drone brood out first, or allow enough space in the roof for them to escape, otherwise they’ll get stuck & die trying to get through the QE.

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Hi Jeff! Thanks for the informative and quick response. Good to know that I wasn’t too far off base…but I wouldn’t have thought about the QE being a DE as well !! I really appreciate the advice!!

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