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Seeking commercial apiarists to trial Flow™ Hives


BeeInventive is seeking commercial apiarists interested in trialing Flow™ Hives as part of their commercial operations. (Apiary with a minimum 50 working beehives)

We are offering a one-off significant discount on the purchase of Flow™ equipment to operators willing to convert 5-10% of their apiary and participate in a survey of their existing business operations.

Participants will be asked to:

  • Convert between 5-10% of their apiary with Flow™ Supers.

  • Participate in a survey of their existing business operations.

  • Work with BeeInventive to find the optimal setup and management solution for incorporating Flow™ Hives into their existing operation.

  • Provide constructive feedback and suggestions relating to the management and operation of Flow™ Hives in a commercial setting.

  • Consent to a case study on the incorporation of Flow™ technology into their operation (can be anonymous).

If you are interested in applying please complete the online form at:

Thank you
Flow™ Team

(I can’t provide any more info on the forum sorry, if you are interested, you will need to fill-out the form through the link above).

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