Shading, Fanning or Misting in the heat

I’ve installed one panel (double) sheet of “cool white” roofing to shade my Flow Hive from the midday sun.
However, as we’re expecting some VERY hot days in Perth would you recommended I place a fan near the hive or some spray mist.
They have plenty of water around but I don’t want to stress them in the heat.
Any suggestions appreciated.

If your hive is shaded (including the sides of the boxes, not just the roof) and your bees have plenty of access to water then they should be ok. I wouldn’t recommend a fan - the bees can fan themselves quite well.

Not sure about the mist cooling but probably overkill unless the temperature in the shade is 45°C/113°F.

Fortunately it doesn’t get that hot here where I am but there are plenty of beekeepers on this forum who can give you personal advice if it gets that hot.

I provide water and hives are trees provide shade in the second half of the day. When it gets really hot, I remove trays at the bottom to create a fully vented bottom board. Result - some minor minimal bearding after sunset.

Just to give an idea, there are some historical ways of dealing with hot weather in Central Asia. Replacing cover with thick reed mats. Inserting wedges between bottom boards and brood box to create 2-3 cm gap to improve ventilation. Digging 30-40 cm deep holes in the ground and putting hives on the ground over those holes without bottom board.