SHB damage or wax moth?

You’re welcome Rob, the water kind of seeps back under the edges over the gable, I think through capillary action. Especially where the wood overlaps.

In relation to Flow highlighting the waterproofing, I think that’s something you’ll only find out on forums or word of mouth or as you found out, by experience. However I think that they have it covered in the FAQ section.

Hi there,
I also have a flow hive with a Langstroth hive next to it. I recently had a SHB infestation in my flow hive and have had to take drastic action (taking off the flow super - replacing bottom board and brood box etc.) My bees had retreated to 4 frames which they could protect while the SHB took over the rest. I’m confident that I destroyed 95% of the SHB but I was left with a very weak hive.
The Langstroth is very strong, so I took 2 frames of brood from it, swept off all the bees and put the frames into the flow hive. Hoping to give my flow hive some strength in numbers so that they can recover.
I’ve scrubbed and cleaned the flow frames and have put them in the freezer to kill off any remaining SHB eggs or larvae. Won’t put them back on until the single box is strong and at capacity.
Good luck with yours!

Hi, SHB are a real pain, I have 2 x beetle blasters in each hive but I have just put in an old cd case with honey and borax as bait. Hopefully the bees can chase them there. I have a feeling my hive entrance is too big on the flow hive for my bees to defend. I am going to put a reducer over it to about 60mm wide just until they get stronger. My langstroth has a smaller entrance and doesn’t have as many hive beetle. My biggest problem was the flow hive roof leaking water which caused chalkbrood! Pretty disappointed with the flow hive design having so many issues for the price you pay for them!! I am a new beek (6 months)and didn’t have enough knowledge to prepare the hive box properly. Leaking roof, gaps everywhere for SHB to hide! Main thing I have learned is to keep the hive space small enough for the bees to defend…

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