Chalk Brood, please confirm

Hello, can I please get confirmation Im looking at chalk brood, I was so discouraged to see the nuc was progressing seemly so well until this. If confirmed I’ll now have to search away at how to treat it.
chalk brood
Thanks for the advice
I also spotted this lady doing her thing.


Hi Ian, yes that is chalk brood disease.

What I would do is close up any extra ventilation & reduce the entrance to just a couple of inches.

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Hi thanks @JeffH, I did do that, there is not quite 2" I did wonder if that would inhibit them dragging out the debris. I do have a top feeder on it but its in its own box that sits on top of the lid so shouldn’t let too much heat out. I think its just low numbers again, they do however seem to have the SHB under control in there unlike the other nuc that got slimed out a few weeks back, mind you it was packed with bees when I put it from 5 to 8 frame box. :man_shrugging:
I still have one hive that seems to be going well, I did notice theyre getting a little agressive so hopefully theyre still okay.

Hi Ian, low bee numbers will also contribute to chalk brood, on account that there’s not enough bees to keep the brood warm, thus allowing it to chill.

The bees will drag the debris out through a 2" entrance, especially if the bee numbers are low, as you suggest.

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