Should I add another super to prevent queen from moving into flow

Left my Flowhive on over the winter,. Did not have enough honey in my frames and wanted the bees to have as much as possible. Located in New England USA. Still cold at night for at least another month. My flow is 80% Full of honey and the bees are very active. Should I add a super between the brood frames and the flow hive to prevent queen from laying in the flow?

Maybe just wait until things start warming up a little and the bees are starting to bring in pollen and nectar, remove the flow super, put the queen excluder on with an empty super, if they even need it right away.

If you flow frames are that full they probably didn’t really need those stores over winter.

What’s your plan to get the (crystallized) honey out of the flow frames? There have been different discussion about this that you may need to look into. Once you get the honey mostly out of the flow frames you can put it back on the hive for them to clean up.