Should I add second Brood Box now

Hi, all.

I have just harvested my first 3 flow frames. 3 more are already full and ready for harvesting. The Brood box is filling with brood pretty fast. Should I add another brood box now or wait a while?

Seeing as there is only 2 more weeks before the start of autumn, I would suggest not to. It will take a lot of resources for the bees to fill the second brood box. Resources that you could be harvesting by way of honey out of your flow frames.

I would only intervene if I thought the colony was at risk of swarming. In that case I would take a split from the hive. Or I would use some brood frames to bolster weaker hives.

If you are not sure what to do, a good plan would be to seek out a local bee group, to see what the consensus of the group do.

Bear in mind that as winter approaches, the bees will reduce the amount of brood they want to raise, thus replacing that brood with honey, resulting in possibly enough honey in the brood box to carry the colony over winter.

Thanks for that VERY useful information. You can tell I am new to this. I have just joined a local beekeepers club as well.