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Should I just let my swarm go?


Trust me! I ask questions and it’s always interesting


Any swarm you pick up I would put them in a new box and new foundation and add one frame of brood, that would be a very salable item so price it accordingly. Price every item for the hive and add at least $100 for the bees and your time to figure out the price you would be asking.
Next spring I will be doing some splits, I have already have one ordered, the lady knows that she has to spend some time with me at my hives so she knows enough to care for the bees. In the price she can have a few visits to her hive and phone help and my price is $250 for a 8 frame deep hive, a super assembled and ready to fit is extra when it is needed. She is happy at the price. Just to give you an idea to make extra income other than honey sales.


That happening would be news to me Dan, I wouldn’t think it would happen but accept it could, but seeing a queen walking about outside of a hive at Jeff’s place was a surprise to both of us.


Hi Dale, how about going into your profile and saying where you are. This forum is world wide and it would make it easier to give you advise.


I agree whole hearted, sadly some people are not helpful but they can be ignored and the forum is full of helpful and friendly people only too happy to give advise.