My Hive has just swarmed

Well, my hive has just swarmed, was over in a bout 3 minutes.
The swarm is 5 meters up a tree, and I can’t reach it.
Will I have a queen in my original hive?
What will happen to the escapees? if I don’t “catch” them?
And I put the super on 2 months ago thinking that will give them more room…

HI @poindexter have you inspected the hive lately? If so, did you see any Queen/Swarm Cells. If you haven’t inspected, i’d have a look to see if there is queen/swarm cells. (i’m guessing there should be) if so, i’d leave the hive for the next 4 weeks and then check to see if you have a laying queen.

Your swarm will probibly fine a nice location to start the new coloney. Hopefully not in one of your neighbours houses.

For next time, have a piece of sheet metal or a metal rubbish bin lid handy. Hit it with a stick repeatedly (tanging) while the bees are still in the air and they’ll cluster lower or head back to the hive where you can catch them.

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