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Signs of Robbing?

Hello, Tom here from Victoria.

New to beekeeping, just got my first hive around 2 weeks ago. I did my second inspection today. Around 20 degrees and sunny so it was perfect. The bees seem healthy, lots of nectar, brood. Couldn’t find the queen but I found larve and the little itty bitty eggs.

I probably had the hive open for around 10 minutes total. I installed a Ceracell Beefeeder ontop of the hive with sugar water to get them ready for the colder weather.

I had one frame put to the side (very little comb so far, probably onlt 30% drawn) to use create space in the hive to remove frames easier, as I was doing so I noticed harsh buzzing and a few bees fighting on said frame. I assume to my new-beek eyes that this was an unwelcomed guest attacking the open frame. So I quickly finished up.

I walked past the hive around 2 hours later and noticed a few bees fighting on the landing board, plus a few looking at the seams of the hive, especially around the feeder (around 3-4 bees doing so). I haven’t seen any comb pulled out nor have I seen any dead bees yet.

Are these early signs of robbing? If so how can I prevent them?

I have made up a wood piece to slot into the entrance to make it smaller, but I haven’t put it in yet since there are lots of bees going in and out and was going to wait until they are asleep.

I can provide a photo if needed! Thank you!

Is the feeder enclosed in a box, with a roof on top? If so, I would just continue with your plan to reduce the entrance. If the fighting increases tomorrow, you may need to take more action, but let’s wait and see.

Yes it is, will do. The invading bees seem to be in small numbers

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