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Simple Harmony Farms Uncapper


What do you think JeffH ?


What? No cappings wax? … but its worth four times the price of honey.
Makes the whole process look so simple.


that does look super easy! I wonder how it goes with uneven frames that are capped below the edges of the wood frame?

At our bee society a lady demonstrated her Honey Paw steam uncapper. She was super happy with it- said there was virtually no capping wax to deal with:

It costs a lot though…


I like it Ed, it looks like it takes care of concaved caps as well. It still doesn’t square things up, something I like to do, plus I use the steam knife to deburr the top & boom bars. That’s always good while returning the frames. You always know if there’s burr comb on the bottom of the frames when they don’t sit properly.


Wowee. Looks super simple and quick!


This photo shows a Flow key and using it with the Flow frames, the bees (who are remarkably adept at it), will remove the cappings themselves! They do this after the honey has drained out. Brilliant!


Yes, but what about your non-Flow supers or old brood frames?



Hi Rob,

  1. Cut comb honey

  2. Crush and Strain or

  3. The comb as in the photo below…using the slide in at an obtuse angle and lift the cappings off method, and then spin out in the extractor. It hasn’t broken down yet this fork thinggy :grin: and is cheap to run.


Hi Ed, That looks like a good thing, one guy on YouTube had it mounted on a pipe frame and when he was lifting the frame out the whole lot lifted off the floor so it would need anchoring but that would be no big problem. It would certainly help with extracting light colored honey. Any type of heat used in decapping must make for darker honey. I will be interested in JeffH’s opinion and I’ll look into the price and freight to Australia.


@Red_Hot_Chilipepper I missed catching @JeffH tonight, it works out over $ 850 Au, I see another project for the metal turning guys at the Men’s Shed (alias: The Bee Factory) and I am thinking at under $70. Worth looking on YouTube, there is lots there about it and most is positive.


It does look pretty simple for the price. I like the “no moving parts” part of it and the good reviews it is receiving.


That’s neat: I have to be careful; our customers demand unheated honey and they want it pure, i.e. no plastics: I’ve been slowly weeding out plastic foundation in favor of foundationless with guide wires.


It actually does have moving parts so the claim is not really true. The uncapping rollers are on a shaft which they rotate on and the shafts are in a slot in the plastic housing and when a frame is pushed in the rollers come under tension on the rubber O rings to apply pressure to the rollers to break through the capping. It will be very easy to make on a lathe and parts needed easy to locate locally here.
I think Jeff will be interested in seeing my prototype when I can get the guys off other bee projects. Seems half the Men’s Shed have been secondered by me. Dirt cheap skilled labor :grinning: And they have come around to liking the hives at the shed as well as interested and learning about them.


It was my claim based on observation via youtube :slight_smile:
You better hurry up and get to work before the patent comes out! lol


I will be onto it Monday and though it will be based on what I saw I am certain it will different enough that it wouldn’t breach patent laws.
Cheers Ed


I think it works with wood frames as well as plastic? I am pretty sure the lady at the bee society uses wood frames.


If you manage to get a working version @Peter48 I would be interested.


Hey mate, the 3D copies are identical in every way to the originals and do the job just as well. I have used the original and the copy and both do the job so well I couldn’t say which was the copy except if doesn’t have the brand name on it so isn’t a breach of patent, if there is one. It decaps both sides in seconds and doesn’t damage the structure of the frame cells.


Post up some photos or vid ! Would love to see this.


I would like to know the distance between the two rolls and how much it can be open.
What are the device dimensions?