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Small but Mighty!

Here’s a follow-up on my bees’ progress one week after their perilous journey.

I go down the slope to check on my bees at least twice a day – usually combined with a trip to feed the fish. Yesterday there were three hummingbirds bathing in the solar fountain at the same time. One thing I have noticed is that ever since the bees moved in, all the other wildlife in the area have upped their game. The birds and the lizards have noticed that there is something new going on here.

Aside from watching their comings and goings – which is mesmerizing – I’ve left them alone except to swap out their sugar syrup. However, after reading Sambees post, I realized that I might not be feeding them enough. So early this morning when I went down to feed them, I was alarmed when there were no bees in sight. My mind switched to the worst-case scenario.

However, when I opened the hive they were asleep in a mound on top of the frames. I could see that they had been building comb and the queen just happened to walk by. So everything looked good. I had all my gear on, but it was so easy!

Later around noon I went down again and they were flying all around and zooming in and out like they did the day before.

This is a small hive and has some catching up to do. But everything looks good so far. I really love them more than I expected!


Sounds like things are off to a great start so well done!

Cheers Birty.


If you look at New bees, feeding, and roof alignment - #8 by Sambees you can see how I set up my feeders. Each of the jars is 2 quarts (1/2 gal). I had to refill both jars on both hives last night. So, both hives consumed 1 gal (each) in less than 48 hrs. About 2/3 of the content was consumed in the first 24 hrs.
Tonight, I checked the jars and both hives have already consumed approximately 1/3 of the syrup in the last 24 hrs.

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What are your nighttime and early morning temps like, Claire? My guess is that they were clustering to conserve warmth when you checked and then once the sun was up awhile the outside air became warm enough for them to fly.

Re Sam’s postings, it is so cool to be a part of all this learning energy!

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Welcome Birty :blush: I guess it’s fall where you are? How did your bees fare this season?

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Yesterday morning (around 6:45 am) it was overcast and cool, but today is sunny and they were out and about when I went down around the same time.

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Hi Eva,
Yes, it is Fall here in Canberra and at the moment we are getting around 0-4C mornings and 17-21C days. Over winter we can get down to -8C (averaging -3 to -5C) in the mornings and around 8-12C during the day. Cold winds in August.

I admittedly am brand new here and am waiting for the September Spring season before starting my very first hive (Flow) which has already been ordered.

Till then all I can do is watch, learn, prepare, network with fellow minded beekeepers and be positive in all my interactions.

Wishing you the best from Canberra!