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Small hive beetle


Hi. My bees will arrive in the coming weeks and i want to ensure im on the front foot re small hive beetle. Im coastal/humid nsw australia. I have an apithor trap. What other oil traps are adaptable to the flow hive bottom board? What works best for you?


If your bees don’t come with hive beetles…an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Have a look at some of the natural alternatives that people have had success with. There’s the shop towels that are laid in the bottom board they get tangle in, the perspex cover that can help increase the amount of light so the bees can take care of them. My nuc came with beetles and I made sure to keep the hive overly warm over the winter and haven’t seen one since last summer.
Good luck,


Saw a Youtube film of these traps last week. They caught wax moths, wasps AND SHB. Cheap as chips so why not set a few around the place and keep the numbers down?