Smokers: Anyone use wood pellets?

Getting my bees in a couple weeks – putting everything together and getting things ready…

On the subject of smokers, I have a question: Wood Pellets as fuel. Does anyone use these?

The reason I ask is because I cook outside with a Pellet Grill and have LOTS of this stuff around. I figure if I can smoke a brisket with it, can’t I smoke bees with it?


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Some people do. My only worry is that the smoke can get quite hot. You could reduce that by putting a handful of greenery on top, like fresh grass, green leaves etc.


Yip ! I do. ! I start with couple paper towels, next I use wood chips that I buy for my chicken coop bedding (non-cedar), the as that gets going I add pellets total of several handfuls. ( I have 6 to 8 hives to work n hate the smoker dying out) … Then as Dawn has wisely stated I add green leaves or grass to keep it smoldering n cooler.

At times I use what ever is handy like any good ex-Boy Scout. :wink::+1:.



Hi Michael, I recently started using wood shaving from an electric planer after reading on this forum, I think it was @DextersShed said that wood shavings last a long time. Once I get my fire going with cardboard, I add the wood shavings mixed with sawdust & it keeps going for a surprisingly long time. It burns right down with very little tar or buildup on the inside of the smoker. So that’s something to think about.

The wood chips seem to be good. What type of wood chips are you using now?

What type of wood that you are using to make wood chips? Can you recommend the good type? Thanks.

Hi Ken, I have been using pine, could be hoop pine, I’m not sure what type of pine lately. It smokes well. I think any wood you have laying around is fine. Anything you find for free is always good. Even throw away pallet wood should be good.

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Thanks. I will give it a try :wink:

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Hey guys. I’m searching for a good electric smoker in 2019. Also, should i prefer charcoal or electric. I’m a bit confused.

Wrong forum for that question. This is a beekeeping forum, and we are discussing beekeeping smokers used for pacifying bees in a hive. :blush:

Personally, I like the Weber Smokey Mountain charcoal smoker/grill:

Very easy to keep at the right temperature using the Miller method of lighting charcoal briquettes.

OK, back to bees now.


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Has anyone sampled the various product mentioned here, and can they tell which one is the best?

can’t answer your question- but don’ really know why you would buy anything for a smoker- when you can use things you find on the ground? I use various dried leaves, weeds, etc whatever is lying around- and then put hessian on top to stop sparks and keep the smoke cool. The main trick is to get it lit well at the bottom and then pack a lot of material on top. Old potato sacks are a perfect source of hessian.

Are you asking about a smoker for cooking meat, fish and the like? You are on a bee keeping forum and we use a smoker to give the hives smoke to calm the bees when we want to look into the hives. Both of these have the same name but are two totally different things.:thinking:

Coffee bean sacks too. If you know a business that roasts coffee beans they usually have more hessian bags than they know what to do with…

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Jeffrey, you are on a bee keeping forum where we use a smoker to calm down bees so that we reduce the risk of being stung.
Is that the sort of smoker you are asking about or the smoker used for cooking meat and fish?
They are two very different smokers and use very different fuels to produce the smoke.

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