Spiders, neighbours, and pest control

My neighbour (who is supportive of my backyard beekeeping) has advised they are going to get the ridge capping across the top of the dividing fence treated for spiders within the next couple of days. They’ve let me know so I can consider trapping the bees in the hive while the fence capping is sprayed (the hive is within a few meters of the fence, with the flight path parallel). Unfortunately they are upwind from me, so if it is windy whatever is sprayed is likely to drift.

Any thoughts on if I should trap as many of the bees as possible in the hive for the day or just leave them bee and keep my fingers crossed that whatever is sprayed won’t affect the bees?

I would get them to ask the pest controller what chemical he will use. I suspect it would be bad for the bees but might not be.

You could close then in and put a bin liner over the hive whilst they spray… or ask them to if you are out.

Or you could close them in and move the hive. But judging by the size of your hive, that’s not an option.

Good idea - I hadn’t thought about the bin liner over the hive. I had thought more about something on the fence protruding above.

Once they confirm who they get to spray their side of the fence I will find out what chemical is being used.

And yes, my hive is not easily moveable for a morning/day.

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You probably need to think about water as its warmed up a fair bit now.

My aunt has hired the exterminator Rocklin professional for the removal of spider infestation from her home. She also thought of getting a ridge capped but on my uncle’s recommendation she has gone with the pest control service first. I think she has made a right decision, as the spraying has even exterminated the infestation of other pests and mites too along with the spiders.

Thank for sharing this here along with us.

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