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Split of the colony

when an hive colony split naturally or you split it because you think it is the time… do you need another hive to put the new split? what if you have space only for one hive on your property?

Hi Saliha,
Hives are split to increase colonies. Yes, you require an additional hive, and the split is initiated by the beekeeper. A split initiated by the bees is known as a swarm, and is a natural process. It is the bees way of propagating their species. To control swarming other methods are used to suppress the bees natural inclination to swarm. There are several methods that can be used, but way too lengthy to go into on here. Google swarm control, there is a wealth of information on the internet.

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There are signs you will learn to recognize as you learn more that a hive is preparing to swarm. And the last thing most caring bee keepers want is for a hive to swarm as you loose about 1/2 your bees and not helping the environment and the balance of nature.
If you don’t have the space for a second hive permanently then an option is to do a split, let it build up to a full brood with a laying queen and sell it.
Far better for you to do a split at a time of your choosing than to watch 1/2 your assets permanently fly off.
To do a split you need a brood box, base board, a roof and enough frames to fill the new hive. When doing a split you divide up the new frames between the new hive and the present hive.
Another option would be to ask your local bee group if a member would like to take a split from your hive but I would only do that that with someone you can trust not to make off with your queen.

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Hi Saliha,

You’ll have endless takers for a split if you don’t want to increase the amount of hives you have and you’ll probably have people in your local area who can help.

Learning the signs is the best way forward so you can tell in the early stages.

You might even get someone to do the split for you if necessary and the split is thier payment in kind.