Storing Flow Frames

Is it safe to store the Flow hive flow frames in a freezer over wintertime ?
Is it likely to damage the plastic that the frames are made of
These are genuine frames from Flow.
I have a ant, the small Argentina ants, problem
Look forward to any suggestions

If you have space in a freezer then there’s no problem with leaving them in there long term.

Harvest the honey, ripe or unripe and then rinse with water and allow to dry before freezing.

Freeze for a couple days and then store them in a pest-proof container or even in a sealed plastic bag.

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Agreed. There is no problems with storing Flow Frames in the freezer.

@chau06 @Bianca , Thanks for your reply.
I as not sure if the flow frames were going to get brittle after storing in the freezer for a couple of months. Cheers

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They may be slightly more brittle while cold but that would reverse when they warm up - so it does warrant some caution when you are transferring them out of the freezer. But the length of time they spend in the cold is not an important consideration.

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