Strategy for a cut out?

I am going to attempt a cut out- it will be my first one. The bees are in a box that is upside down with no base. Essentially I’ll be trying to cut out the comb and rubber band it into a Nuc hive.

I will likely have no help- any ideas about how to go about it? I’m thinking I’ll try and lever off one side of the box to access the comb. Or should I place the box on its side?

It’s quite cold at the moment just a few weeks from winter. The hive is located in a house scheduled for demolition and has to go ASAP. There is another in a wall apparently- I’ll look at that as a possible trap out.

This is the box in question:

I would carefully lift the box and see which way the combs are oriented.
You could then carefully place the box on one end so that the combs are vertical. It is then a matter of starting from one side and removing each comb one at a time.
Good luck.


@Eezybeez has covered the box of bees pretty well Jack.
For the cut out put a frame of brood and nurse bees and maybe a frame of uncapped honey in the hive you are using and hopefully the bees in the wall will move in time to save them from being demolished along with the house. Good luck with it.


I’ve been wrapping the frames for cut outs in chicken wire as opposed to using rubber bands. Works for me.

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