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Sugar Shake? Odd email from PIRSA- 'April is Sugar Shake Month'?

Just got an odd email from PIRSA- does anyone in Australia on the forum do sugar shakes?

I figured it was just pre-emptive to get people thinking about it or into the habit so they can track the situation if/when it arises.


how is your swarm going now Helen?

the last 5 weeks or so has been kinder on the bees- some gums are flowering and many nice foraging days.

Very nicely! I dithered about whether to take the advice of removing the flow super or not, finally decided I better and went to do it a couple of weeks ago. Pulled up the middle flow frame to find it 2/3full, and a nice circle in the centre capped. This morning it seems they are headed west of the hive where I know there are lots of flowering gums lining the street so I think they will actually be filling the frames at last!
I also moved the whole hive a few feet more into the sun, it would be much too shady where they were for winter. That brood box sure was heavy! So I think they have maxed out the honey storage down below too. I will inspect that brood box next week when it is warmer. I was going to the other week but my smoker ran out of puff by the time I got it all setup and levelled again. I thought I’d let them settle down from the move. It only took an extra day or so to reorientate themselves. The bees have been busy with the cross comb between some frames and under the mat so that will be a fun job. There always seems to be a bit at the top of the frames.A mini inspection (just checking windows and cleaning out the tray) the time before last I got a little blazé and got my first couple of stings! I didn’t wear any protection and they got me on the neck and my hair part lol Luckily it was nowhere near as bad as I feared. Took an antihistamine and had no visible reaction. I didn’t go near the front entrance at all so I won’t take fussing around the back so for granted. I used detergent on the tray so I don’t know if it was the smell that got them riled up or they didn’t like the breeze from the bottom while I was off cleaning the tray. They got me while I was replacing the tray at the back.
Today I cleaned the tray and noticed a couple of moths and some grubs amongst the detritus so I remembered I had some diatomaceous earth and put a layer in the tray. NO attacks today :laughing: I wore the hat with veil at least, like a good girl, just in case. I watched the vid with Cedar where he said the moths can be a bit opportunistic with the wax in the tray and not go higher so I hope I have no surprises in the hive next week.
I think that little bit of rain we’ve had lately has helped the gums and the bees can finally get some honey stocks.


sounds great!

when will you do your sugar shake? It’s april…

Lol. I won’t be doing that.

As to the moths on the tray: don’t worry. Almost always see some evidence of moths at the peripheries of the hive- virtually never in the middle of a healthy hive. They are more of a concern when you store combs and/or wax and they can quickly infest it. If a hive dies out they soon wreak havoc inside too.

I have a flow hive that is about half full- I’m hoping the bees can finish it off before winter sets in- but suddenly it’s quite cold today… fingers crossed.

Yes, it’s cold today! But every time it rains, I think of nectar flowing :smile: should be in the twenties again next week, so more time for foraging!

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