Super or Flow frames?

This year 2023 will be 4th summer bee keeping, last year everything finally seemed to come together and I had a bumper year.
I was hoping for some input on an idea i had.
Typically I run deep broad box, queen excluder, deep super (left for bees overwinter) and then add the Flow super when the regular one is almost full. Last year it seems to work ok and was able to harvest 13 liters of honey!
My Question is would it make sense to remove the almost full regular super when i add the Flow super? My thinking is that it will make it more efficient for the bees to get to the Flow super…? Does it really matter …?
Thx for any thoughts .

It does seem like it would be more efficient for the bees but a lot of times the bees leave an empty arc above the Qx that I’d rather have in a traditional super than in the flow frames.

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