Swarm of bees are going into existing hive


Today I discovered bees flying around my active hive. It a small swarm and they seem disoriented. There are a few bees defending the hive but mostly it looks like they are allowing them into the hive. I did notice there was a few (Five) bees yesterday doing the same thing but were being chased off.

A few days going I did notice that the wild hive close to my house was block up by pest controllers and there was a ball of bees trying to gain access to the hive.

Could this be the same bees that have locked out of the wild hive and will they kill my queen?

I live in LA and its going into Autumn (Fall)

Any suggestions on what I should do.

This is my first season of bee keeping.


Hi Andrew. It sounds to me like the small cluster of bees on the tree are field bees that returned back to find that the entrance is blocked. I doubt if there will be enough bees to kill the queen of your colony. I also doubt if the bees will try to kill the queen if the guard bees are allowing them into the hive.

Generally guard bees will allow neighboring bees into a hive if they are carrying honey. I allow this to happen with my own hives. When I remove a hive during the day (when more than one hive is in the yard), I allow the foraging bees to return to the neighboring hive.

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