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Thank goodness @Dawn_SD provided this link (http://www.wbka.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/wbka-booklet-english-PDF.pdf ) in other posts - it was invaluable for my initial education into what to do when finding queen cells in your boxes. This was not anything I had to deal with last year, since I started with packages and empty frames - the bees simply went on their merry way all summer building comb, and numbers.

This year, I started with 2 nucs, and was able to supplement the original brood boxes with both capped honey and already drawn brood comb. The nucs were in great condition, and have continued to thrive. Initial inspection on installation didn’t show any evidence of queen cells, but when I went back in on this past Friday, I saw some evidence of swarm cells on the bottom of a couple of frames, as well as some weirdly shaped cells on the frames I went back in on Sunday to take some picutres and to check to see if any of the odd cells had been sealed:

In the cells that were built on the bottom of frames, I saw no evidence of eggs or larvae - good sign!

But these cells? Any thoughts? Drone? Supersedure? They’re definitely filled with something big!

(As a bonus to all this, my hubby and I did get to watch some new bees emerge from their cells - I felt like such a proud momma!)

Thanks for any insight you might have…



Yes, drone. :slight_smile: Fat drones… :smile:


Phew! I had visions of multiple swarms…and no more bees in my little old colony! Thank you!

I’ll head back into the hive in a few days and keep an eye on the true queen cups, especially the ones in my bursting hive. But meanwhile, I’ll try to relax about it all!



You know, the real credit goes to @Dee, who pointed me to the original of this document over 15 months ago. It really helps when you are confused about what your bees are doing. :wink:


Right there with ya, Mary Beth! I’m going back in tomorrow to check the cups I found yesterday for larvae etc.



The weather here has turned sour…rain all day, cold temps (40-50F) and rain expected until Friday. Ugh.