Swarming and Queens

Hi all, I am very confused.

Around lunch time I noticed a bee drag the queen out of the hive a dump her a meter away from the hive. She looked worse for wear. I wasn’t concerned as when I made a Demaree split a couple of weeks ago. I removed the swarm cells but left the supersedure cell, I assumed she had hatched hence the dispatching of the old queen.

This afternoon they swarmed. So now it appears they have kicked a queen out of the hive today and taken a queen in the swarm (although I didn’t see the queen in the swarm, when I shook the swarm into a box all the other bees made their way inside, so I assume she is in there).

I am just surprised to encounter two queens from the same hive on the same day. It now makes me wonder what’s going on in the original hive. Is it possible there are other queen cells left to hatch?

They swarmed at around 4.30pm and there is rain forecast for the next few days, so I have not been able to check or won’t be able to check the original hive until this time next week.

I’m in the Inner West Sydney.

Thanks in advance.