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Swarming without a queen

unfertilised queen is ‘squashed’ and now the drones seem to be staying in the hive and the workers are swarming out side… can anyone tell me why>>

Would need some more backgroung. Where are you? Why did you squash the queen? Have you looked inside the hive? Are there queen cells in the hive? Is there a queen in that little lot?


evening rob… yep in melbourne australia
about month ago found new queen in my hive, the next week drone cells where brood cells are located and next 2 weeks more drones and no brood cells. was told had sterile queen and probably will not venture out for a mate, been cold down here so don’t blame her.
so she needs go… which i did couple days ago and now the hive is mainly drones and a swarm of what i feel are workers, outside the hive. i have ordered new nuc, be available in couple weeks i hope.
all damn shame as 2mths ago had have full of workers and honey… thought all was fine but didn’t realise the damage losing a queen does in winter

Did you squash the queen against that leg, or drop her there? I once dropped a dead queen just outside the front of a hive. Within seconds, there was a pile of bees investigating her. Now I use a queen catcher, and put it into a ziplock bag. This can then be transferred to the freezer for a less violent dispatch. :blush:

I’d prefer a big thumb over slowly freezing…but that’s just personal preference; I’m not super keen on the bone chilling cold :slight_smile: (may my wife take note for future reference when old age comes around…)

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Bugger. If that is all the workers you have then even with a new queen tomorrow its not looking good. Are there any workers in the hive? Hope you have more luck with the package.

Good luck

good point dawn… yes very close was the demise of the queen, that could explain their gathering…maybe the girls style of ‘wake’

Thats a small amount of bees there Dennis, are there more workers in the hive or just drones? I am guessing you don’t have another hive from which raid a frame of brood and eggs? Just asking.
Smoke em and scoop them back into the hive and see what happens.