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Temperature - what do you consider too cool/warm for inspections?


Given we all live in different parts of the world we all experience temperature relative to what we each consider ‘normal’. So, out of curiosity, what ambient temperatures do you prefer to do/not to do a hive inspection? And where are you located?

For me (Perth, WA):
Anything below 20 deg C (68 deg F) or above 35 deg C (95 deg F) I prefer not to do an inspection, based on the behaviour of the colony. In reality, this translates to perhaps only 1-2 months of the year for temperatures outside that range.


Hey Snowy,

For me over here on the East Coast I open the brood if its 19 or more. sometimes I sneak a peek at the super if I need to for some reason at 17-18 but I’ve heard not to expose brood to temps under 18 as it can cause issues.


If I can wear a Tshit comfortably its OK. BUT OVER 35° is too hot.



I’m South West West Australia. I sort of look at what the bees are doing if it’s around18 Deg C. If they are very busy with full on exit and entry, I do go in. If there is not much activity I don’t.
To date I have not opened the hive, 17 Deg C or under.

Generally though between 20 Deg C and 30 Deg C I don’t give it a second thought and just go in.


I’ve done them at 50F in direct sunlight. Heat doesn’t bother me and I’ll go in at 100F if needed.


15 degrees for a thorough brood inspection.
As long as the bees are flying is OK if I have to do something
I’m in the UK