Temperatures and humidity are all over the place

I’ve researched this and haven’t found any answers, hoping you can help :

I have 2 Flow hives in the mid-U.S. (KY). I installed a Bluetooth monitor in both that updates me on both the Temp & Humidity but they constantly fluctuate.

Day temps here are typically in the mid 80s (fahrenheit) but here are my recent readings:

May 15 @ 6:30 pm 92 deg/48% and 96 deg/45%
May 15 @ 7:30 pm 88 deg/54% and 90 deg/49%

May 17 @ 2pm 104 deg/28% and 114 deg/26%
May 17 @ 5:40 pm 92 deg/32% and 96 deg/33%

May 18 @ 2:30 pm 105 deg/25% and 112 deg/25%
May 18 @ 5:40 pm 92 deg/34% and 97 deg/31%

May 19 @ 8 am 84 deg/56% and 82 deg/63%

May 21 @ 8 am 80 deg/55% and 77 deg/69%
May 21 @ 12:30 102 deg/34% and 110 deg/32%
May 21 @ 7:45 81 deg/41% and 79 deg/44%

Assuming my monitors aren’t messing up… what is going on??

Where are the sensors located?

I cut a hole in the inner cover and wedged them in. Perfect fit.

Have you looked at the sensors since installing? They are probably covered in propolis

I think if you want consistency you may have to put the sensor in the middle of a brood frame. @AdamMaskew uses sensors and may be more enlightened than I.

Certainly for the Arnia system, you need to place the sensor in the middle of the brood nest, not on the top bars. Fanning messes up temp and humidity under the crown board/inner cover! :wink:

Good catch @Karby

Those readings show lower humidity when the temp is higher, higher humidity when the temp is lower. That is exactly what I would expect for ambient (outside the hive), but not for within the brood nest.

They are clean, I check them when I refill the feeders.

Wow, great advice! I inserted the sensor into a queen cage holder and set it in the center of the hive. I checked it couple hours later and my new reading was 94 degrees and 56% humidity. Perfect! Thx so much Karby and Dawn. Once I get a 2nd holder I will move the 2nd hive’s sensor as well.

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