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The Flow Hive is working

With the bees not appearing to be filling the flow hive as seen through the windows, I opened the top cover and inner cover and pulled out an inner panel and Voila!, there they were busy adding honey from the middle on out. I was beginning to worry that they weren’t interested in the flow hive, but they seem to like storing honey from the middle first. Hooray for hive #1, in its second year.


I have found in my hives a definite pattern: middle frames first- south frames next- and northside frames last. Unfortunately I have all my windows on the north face so very often I can have have 5 fully capped frames- with the only empty section the one visible through the window. The rear viewing panel doesn’t necessarily tell the story either- as those cells can be empty whilst the rest of the frame is full. When their is a real flow on though those cells also fill.

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You are spot on, that is mostly how the bees do it. If you have some good brood frames working for you in the brood, keep an eye on the honey super, it could be full of bees before you know it.

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It’s warmer in the middle unless you have a poly brood so that’s to be expected

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