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The Honey Bee Algorithm


What is the most efficient, and profitable, way to allocate computer servers to ever-changing internet traffic? Researchers funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) turned to honey bees to find the solution.

The researchers adapted a decade-old model of how honey bee colonies allocate their foragers among sources of nectar into a novel algorithm for assigning computer servers – one that is now used by major web hosting companies in a rapidly growing global market worth over $50 billion.

The work earned the scientists – John J. Bartholdi III, Sunil Nakrani, Thomas D. Seeley, Craig A. Tovey, and John Hagood Vande Vate – a 2016 Golden Goose Award, which recognizes federally funded basic research that has had significant impact.

NSF funds about 24 percent of all federally supported basic research conducted by America’s colleges and universities. In many fields such as mathematics, computer science and the social sciences, NSF is the major source of federal backing.


Hi Faroe,

Good pass on here on the Forum ! I appreciate the article n vid. Watched it twice to help glean a bit more n get it to stick in my gray matter upstairs.

Our bees can true be an example for us of many thing. I try to keep some details n records of each of my hives. At over 70 my thot pattern can at times be a little scattered brained, my mom called it in her later years.

Taking my notes out on a sticky or note pad I have a rough plum line of what needs done. (I thought) … I open a hive, lift a frame, I look … (Oooooh No ! ) queen cells or something else I really didn’t expect ! You ever have that happen ! :smile: hmmm at least a zillion times per bee season I think … My plan to quickly check each hive n move on has been dashed on the Rocks !

Instead of panic n feeling out of control. I breath deeply, shy, look around n reallocate the time to this unforeseen new operation. This is beekeeping. This is priority n not waisted time of something not on my “to do list” …, I still have my notes but right now those will wait.

Thinking back … My waggle dance n destination was to work on my planned projects n get that done. But NOPE … I missed that goal but goals can be postpone, or changed ( time was not waisted n a hive disaster was averted because as the bees my day, my payload (changed n different) was SuCcess !

Hmmm, i really hadn’t planned on seeing your note Faroe on this but sending you a big Bee “Thank you” for the share. Now a mission accomplished: read, thot, consider, reaction n feel good. Darn … I’d better get back to my orgenal list of things on my Today To Do List.

Cheers from the Pacific NW,

. We having FUN yet ?!?


Your welcome Gerald :slight_smile:

Thanks as usual for your personal and heartfelt response :slight_smile: I’ve had some bees visit me the last few days in my apartment.
Once flying in to the kitchen looking for water, another on the inside of my fly screen.
Took it outside and gave it some sugar water as it seemed tired.

Took a while, and she wouldn’t drink, so I gave it a pat on the back which seemed to help and she started drinking.
She was there all night, and then must have flown off in the morning.

Another bee came in the next day and was drinking off the tap. Not sure if it’s the same bee or not, or someone has passed the mesage on :wink: LOL

https://goo.gl/photos/RtnbZ3ZUahinywfS9 - I hope I’m not doing anything bad by touching the bee. p.s. it’s on the floor because it wouldn’t drink off my spoon.

:slight_smile: Faroe


Dear bee friend,

Naaaah ! I have done the same ! I pat n pet mine once in awhile too. I don’t think they mind either. If they did you’d know it quick ! :smile:

I enjoy your extra shares n articles. There are several people that seem to come up with interesting n novel readings. I guess I’m
more hands on but need to read more. It’s like building stuff. I read the direction later after it doesn’t work. I guess I learn better by watching than reading. Guess that’s okay most of the time.

Do you have a personal hive at your house or do you interact with those at the office. Not sure in this internet world just where people are.

I’ve got a small pond near my hive n my bees seem to frequent that watering hole … Never had any come except in me which slightly upsets my sweetheart but she’s patient with me as I try to direct the little girl to a nearby open window n out ! Usually success ! My sweetheart has enough health issues without a sting (she gets really swollen) … She has M. D. so walking much is difficult. She has watched me work a few times out the back bedroom window but tires fast n must lay down. My sweetheart puts up with a lot of my crap … She’s a darling n very precious ! It’s been cool, wet n even snowy up here … Have had to use our recroom for a bee workshop building more hives for this Spring. My real woodshop is full of tropical plants I set around my pond n small waterfall … Just too cold for them yet outside. So I’ve converted a little in the house for assembling only !

Gee Whisss ! I’ve carried on so much here … Sorry ! I’ll say, good bye n have a great week !!

Take care n enjoy your week, ooooh ! Good luck with your BUZZY friends !



Young lady,

What type of leaves was that bee on ? I don’t think I recognize the species … I enjoy seeing others area pix’s, flowers, habitat, trees n stuff. It boarden my knowledge so much.
Ta Ta,


I don’t know. It looks like a weed that took over a pot plant. Looks nice anyway :slight_smile: