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The perfect brood frames

What I’m currently doing is letting the bees draw the comb in honey supers. Then after the honey is harvested, provided the bees built the comb out perfectly, I use those sticky frames, as required in the brood boxes as opposed to using foundation.

I found that bees are more fussy in the brood box, consequently on the odd occasion they make a mess of fresh foundation. They are not so fussy in the honey super, so therefore they do a good job of drawing out foundation.

By using this strategy, I’m selective as to which frames I put into the brood chambers. The bees wont alter the comb, once it’s already drawn out. On top of that, as soon as the bees clean up the honey, the queen commences laying in them. It’s a win, win, strategy.


Judging by that huge bin of cappings wax plus honey I’d say it was a win-win-win-win :star_struck:


Although my approach is different, the end result is the same JeffH…perfect laying frames.

Where you use wired frames with wax foundation, we use double beeswax coated black plastic foundation in a wooden frame. I remember well the countless winter weeks I spent wiring frames…wrapping my fingers in electrical tape so the wire wouldn’t cut into them.

Where your bees prefer to build out foundation in honey supers, ours seem to build out foundation in our single brood boxes quicker. We very seldom use new foundation in honey supers now as our honey supers are all built out…but use the foundation in the brood boxes only as a swarm cortrol method.

Where you use a hot knife to uncap honey frames, we use a simple scratcher:

But at the end of the day, the smile on your face and honey in glass jars tells the important story! :grinning:


JeffH I like your alternative strategy.
I am always aiming to achieve straight comb that fills the whole frame. My bees sometimes don’t align to my wishes so your method is worth giving some thought. I will give it a try over the next couple of months.

Do you still run with 9 frames in both the super and brood boxes?


PS - and very nice looking capped frames

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Hi Alan, thanks & Merry Christmas. I only run with 9 frames in both brood & honey supers.

I like this strategy because you know what the queen is going to be laying eggs into. As soon as the bees clean up the honey, the queen commences laying eggs into them. Whereas sometimes, no matter how well I think I embed the wires into the foundation, the bees make a mess of it, which finishes up with a lot of drone comb in the frame. This is only sometimes. Mostly they do a good job, however this strategy assures they don’t get the chance to mess things up.