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the queen has not laid eggs yet.

It’s been about 21 days since I boxed a hive in a tree trunk. But the queen has not laid eggs yet.There were larvae when I got them.The bee species is apis cerana indica

Hi Hashan and welcome in the forum!
A picture of the set up will help…let me understand a bit better…you caught a swarm 3weeks back and you put it into a tree trunk? Was that the location of the original hive? If not has the trunk any crevice where the queen might haven fallen/sneaked in?
As I came to an understanding it takes roughly 2weeks for the queen to start laying eggs into the new hive…Did you check if the queen is in there? Did you notice any swing into bees mood? Usually when a hive becomes queenless bees get a bit more aggressive…
Let us know!

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