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The Secret Ingredient That Stops Honeybees From Becoming Queens



Thank you for this. It will keep my husband happy for hours as he pores over the original article and checks the science behind it! :smile: :blush:


If you find the cited document could you post it (or a link) here please?

PS. What do you make in the dehydrator I saw in your kitchen?


He will find it, but as it is in a PLOS journal, I doubt that it is accessible to non-academics with no science library access, without paying . :nerd_face:

That is not a dehydrator, although it does look like one. :blush: It is an Actifry Air Fryer - you can make french fries with a teaspoon of oil per person serving. Like this one, except ours is about 8 years old and they were white back then:

You can also use it to saute, make stir fired veggies, and even make things like caribbean chicken with pineapple and spices. Pretty useful for low fat cooking. :wink:


Oh ye of little faith … I have unlimited science library access. With a wife with a planet named after her (Minor Planet 25511) we have all sorts of geek goodies!


Welcome to the World of Nerdiness, then! :blush:

Here you go:

It actually looks unrestricted in that format, at least :slight_smile:


THANK YOU - when I finish my cybersecurity reading I’ll get to this.


In the military they call it saltpeter :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


… yes, well, sorry to burst your bubble … good luck fighting off the boys!



I was just saying the other day to my Wife. You know that stuff they gave us to drink when I was in the Air Force…Well I think the affects have just worn off. :blush: