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Third time's the charm


Hey all! My two April nucs built up like gangbusters and the local flow has been very good. I saw good signs about two weeks ago & got a crazy idea and put my Flow super on the busiest colony地nd today, we have ignition!! The cells are being finished off, nectar is being stored, and there is a nice arc of capped honey in the two center frames :heart_eyes:

This is my third year of beekeeping, and Im so excited to finally have the right time & conditions to try out my beautiful Flow hive! I can hardly wait to harvest!! Keeping fingers crossed things stay positive from here.

By the way, this is the same colony that swarmed today & I posted about doing a split on, after the disturbed swarm (from two failed attempts to capture it) returned to the hive. I know this will reduce the colonys ability to produce honey, but Ill be pretty stoked even if I only get a frame or two!


Congrats Eva! This is my third year as well. I got honey last year but this year I have had lots of queen issues. I am not sure mine will get caught back up in time for extra honey.

That first harvest is exciting. Hope it goes well for you.



So pleased for you @Eva. I have missed your chirpy comments recently, you must have been busy with real life! :blush: