Thousands of bees outside of hive

I have a flow hive. I’m new to this and up to now used to seeing maybe a few hundred bees flying around outside the hive.
This morning I have noticed that there is literally 10’s of thousands of bees flying around the outside of the hive in an area of maybe 10 meter diameter
Is this normal ?

Sounds like a swarm. Have you inspected recently? Any queen cells?

It’s literally a brand new hive
2 months old and started with a brand new Nuc about 6 weeks ago

Yep, timing sounds right for a possible swarm. Particularly if it was a packed Nuc and a vigorous queen

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Hmmm ok .
The nuc didn’t seem particularly big. The place I bought from said about 8-10,000 bees
Does that sound right ?

Hi Heath, welcome to the forum.
It is possible that you have a very active queen and the nuc had a lot of cells ready to hatch.
Could you take a photo of the bees outside the hive, that may give some idea of your situation.
I have one hive where the bees seem to prefer to be outside the hive and cluster around the brood box day and night.
But that is probably caused by the hot weather we are having

Hi George
I’ve attached a short video

(Attachment B92C220C-447C-48B5-8AF9-D82D277E8CCD.MOV is missing)

Hi Heath,
Your video attachment did not work. You have to upload it via UTube.
However you only signed up to the forum 6 hrs ago so you may not be able to upload any pictures or video’s until you have completed your probationary period.
Others may be more familiar with the rules and advise you regarding that.
Look forward to hear from you again soon. Cheers

Hi Heath, @Freebee2 may be able to help

HI Heath,

It appears the file is missing, photos might be easier if you have any?

Thanks :slight_smile:

They seem to have all calmed down now
So can’t take a photo
I was reading an article that said when The nurse bees take flight that they buzz around in short proximity to the hive to orientate themselves
I’m wondering if that’s what it was

Hi Heath,

It could be that or could be an aborted swarm, or possibly just the heat.

It’s hard to be certain without seeing them!

Great news that they seemed to have settled for now - but probably a good idea to keep an eye on them over the next week or so and be on alert for a potential swarm, in case they give it another crack (if that’s what they were doing).

You could also inspect the brood box to see how it’s looking.

Please keep us posted :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the feed back
Being new to bees it’s all terrifying.
I’ll monitor over the next while and see what’s going on

You * Really * need to do a full inspection

  1. so you know what’s going on
  2. you will learn something.
    Beeing new is fascinating/terrifying, we all know that but A LOT more reading, Utubing to understand what you see.
    Join your local club, get a mentor.
    We all are a good fallback but its on you to learn first.
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Ditto on the last line of your comment.

Things to learn: Difference between worker & drone comb.
Also time lines. How long after an egg is laid do bees, drones & queens emerge.
How long after a queen emerges, does she start laying eggs.

These are all subjects that recent beekeepers in my world were confused about.