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Time-lapse of Activities over 12 hrs in a Honey Flow Super


Time-lapse of Activities over 12 hrs in a Honey Flow Super. Note honey in some cells are drained by the bees and moved about someplace else in the hive.


Good one Gerry.
I reckon another good one to do would be to film a time lapse video of the hours following the harvest from the Flow frames - showing the bees setting to work fixing things back up etc.


Good one they certainly stacked a lot of honey in 12 hours.

By the way there is a dot (fullstop) in between “tu” and “be” which needs to be edited out.


I’m thinking about that and will give it a try in a few weeks.


@busso broke your link. The dot was where it was meant to be. However, If you just paste the link without the square brackets, it will be clickable directly from your message like this:


Nice video, by the way, thank you for sharing it. :wink:


Don’t you go blaming me.:innocent: I had to take the dot out for it too work.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Here is another video I made during fall feeding & robbing season.


When I took the dot out, it didn’t work for me. Anyhow OP has fixed it properly now. :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow :open_mouth:
Really good video, I will share with the Flow team :slight_smile:


I don’t understand what this video is of though ?


its okay @Dawn_SD and @busso, everyone knows you’re both a little dotty :upside_down_face:


Come on @Faroe and @Eva lift your game.:confounded: Just watch the video again and have a look at how much honey is deposited in 12 hours. If you don’t see anything fasinating I’ll go “HE


Sorry I asked a question @busso. I’ll try and “lift my game”. I was under the impression I could ask a question on the forum if I didn’t quite understand something (rather than being made fun of).
I also don’t understand what “he” means, or what you are trying to say. But, don’t worry about explaining.


Hi all, I was away on travel for a few days, unable to explain what I was up to on these videos. The first video of a flow frame cross section shows the bees working moving honey (nectar flow is high right now in central Canada) around the hive. The honeybee “honey managers” no doubt have a good reason for moving honey around the supers like shown in this 12 hr -I was just curious what you would observe in 12 hrs.

The second video shows an foundation frame with honey, and a clock. I was curious how fast once, discovered do the bees summon the rest of the foraging crew. As it turns out, it’s pretty fast, what i did not expect near the end was the bees gathering together like a group “high-five” before dispersing.

Happy bee keeping!


Thanks for the explanation. I just wasn’t sure if I was missing something with that second video. I could see the wooden planks with the round circle, but I didn’t know if they were involved with the video in specific, or what they are in general.


@busso I was teasing you & Dawn about being dotty because of all your talk about putting in & taking out the dot in the video link…silly joke…


Beside the foundation frame is an internal frame feeder. This was taken last year, during the fall, I was feeding the bees with it.


I AM dotty, and proud of it…

:heart_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@Faroe and @Eva

Sorry. I was trying to be funny…which I rarely am and go on to upset.
I am sorry to have offended and apologize.


My bad. Thinking everyone had played hide and seek. When I was young, the person who hid the face and counted to 100 was “he” . No one wants to go “he”, everyone wants to hide. hence the inference of volunteering to go “he” was a gesture of submission. In these days of political correctness, this probably doesn’t mean a thing to anybody under 70 or so.
Busso being a smart axxx fail.

Perhaps one should just write in the third person and speak when spoken to or asked a question.


great video. I wonder if they moved some of the honey out because the cells were exposed to light for the whole day? Might have spooked them? Though I have seen the same in my own hives occur.