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Time of day to move a Nuc

What is the best time of day to move a Nuc into the brood box?

My advice would be whenever it’s convenient for you. I would do it any time of day, except for me this time of year I try to avoid wearing a bee suit during the middle of the day on account of the heat. I like early mornings or late afternoons.

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Thanks Jeff, I successfully moved the nuc this afternoon about 4pm. Thanks for your advice

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It’s probably worth qualifying that we assume the brood box will be residing at the same location as the nuc… otherwise you could lose the foraging bees if you relocate the nuc.

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Watch your bees, see when most return home, generally dusk in my area. Seal up the hive and move to new location. I move a night. Next morning open up hive. I also put some branch in front of opening to the bees will have to reorient to new home.