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Time to clean super

Hello flow people - can you advise me in regard to cleaning out the honey super. it leaks, it has lots of propolis and dead bees lying in cells and hive beetles. My inclination is to empty honey from each frame, remove the honey super and clean all the frames and start again. There are a lot of bees SO … to avoid overcrowding I assume I will need to do all this quite quickly so they can spread out. I am a beginner with one hive. Would love you input.

Hi Moira,

It would be very helpful if you could update your profile location. This is an international forum, with many people in the US, Europe and other parts of the world. I put the effort in to work out from your previous posts that you are probably in Australia (there is a Eureka on the west coast of the USA though, so that is just a guess!). However, I could be wrong, and many others won’t bother to do that kind of searching. If you want as much help as possible, please help us to help you with the correct location info in your profile. Thank you. :blush:

If your frame is leaking, with lots of propolis, I would be inclined to go for a full dismantle, cleanup and reassemble. Especially if you have dead bees and SHB in there. Flow has made some videos to show you how to disassemble and reassemble the frames. Not hard, just takes a little time. You could drain first, but remember that you will will have dead bee and SHB parts in the honey you drain, so you may want to strain it. When you reassemble the frames, make sure that the wires are nice and tight - that will reduce future propolis. :wink:

In the meantime, you could put a traditional WSP or Ideal super on the hive, while you clean up the Flow super. That should keep the bees busy. :smile:

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Thank you so much Dawn, great helpful advice. yes Ill update profile, did not realise my location ( Northern NSW ) was not available . All the best for Christmas

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