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Time to remove Flow Super--no honey :(

Well, we are entering Fall in Michigan, USA and my Flow Super has been on for about 8 weeks. There has been a lot of bee activity up there but no visible honey :(. It is the first year of this hive and the bees had to draw new comb, so I am not too surprised about less honey–still sad. But now I have to take the super off in prep for winter. Should I drain whatever honey is up there (maybe mixed with nectar)? Can you harvest honey if it is not capped?

I fear they need what they put up there for winter food so I could “feed it back to them”, but how? I have two full brood boxes under the Super and the have a few frame of honey down there. Your experrt advice appreciated.

See if this recent thread answers some of your questions.

Don’t be too disappointed about not getting any harvestable honey in your hive’s first season. Take care of them this fall and winter and you’ll have some success in the spring.